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The War of Spanish Succession - 2 - 1702

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A guide to the War of Spanish Succession, exploring the antagonists and events in one of the most important and influential wars of the last 500 years.

The War of Spanish Succession - 2 - 1702

Postby Andy Tumath » August 6th, 2011, 8:43 pm

The War of Succession begins in earnest, as the principal powers of the Grand Alliance declare war on France and Spain, and the first attacks and sieges take place. William III, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, Stadtholder of the United Provinces, and architect of the coalition against Bourbon expansionism, dies, to be replaced by his untested sister-in-law, Anne. This is also the year of the Anglo-Dutch war-fleet’s famous attack on the Spanish treasure fleet in Vigo Bay, an event that would fill the dreams of later treasure hunters with the hope of untold riches…
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