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A short (usually) and witty (occasionally) look into the past, focusing on something or someone associated with the day's date.


Postby Support » January 22nd, 2012, 8:56 pm

Welcome to "Today in History", from A New History Podcast.

This area of the site is reserved for the release of "Today in History" podcasts and discussion related to those releases.

New threads can only be opened by administrators and approved contributors to the site but we invite all users to join the discussion on existing threads.

If you have a specific topic you wish to be covered in "Today in History" or wish to become an approved contributor, contact our Editor in Chief by clicking here or by emailing info@anewhistorypodcast.com.

If you're experiencing any technical problems with the site, you can contact our Support Team by clicking here or by emailing support@anewhistorypodcast.com.
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